The Diamond Flower Peel microdermabrasion system is the newest, most innovative system in microdermabrasion technology. This unique system is especially engineered to deliver an exciting new proprietary blend of organic flower peel ingredients for microdermabrasion treatments, plus a second peel with hydrating and rejuvenating serum infusions. Dermabrasion is an age old treatment that has been adapted, modernised and made easier with the Diamond Flower Peel. This improved method first delivers a controlled, yet powerful stream of pure organic flower grains to the skin in order to slough off dead cells, leaving the skin smooth and fresh, then a second peel with serum infusion is performed to rehydrate and treat, while promoting new skin and collagen growth.

This program has been derived from the numerous experiences of international skin care experts and further adapted by medical physicians in Europe to meet today’s skin and body care needs. The Flower Peel microdermabrasion experience is at the cutting edge of anti ageing skin treatments: offering maximum rejuvenation, no downtime with results seen immediately

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