Facial Rejuvenation (Sublative)

Perfect for those who suffer from skin texture caused by acne scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, large pores or stretch marks. Also effective in eliminating hyperpigmentation such as sunspots or age spots.

Sublative treatments work to resurface the skin from the inside out by utilizing the power of fractionated bipolar radio frequency (RF). Compared to other resurfacing treatments, which commonly use harsh laser light technologies to penetrate skin. Sublative is able to reach deep into the dermal layers of skin to stimulate collagen production, without disrupting the epidermis. The application head is comprised of many multi-electrode pins, which administer the bi-polar RF energy to the skin. Each time these pins come into contact with skin, it creates a grid like pattern on the surface. The dots of this grid are where the RF energy has punctured the skin, and the surrounding tissue is what stimulates the collagen. Essentially, the skin is tricked into healing wounds that were intentionally delivered.

Results can appear immediately after treatment, however they become more noticeable in the coming weeks. Since the skin that had been stimulated was deep within the dermis, it takes time for that layer to come to the surface. This allows you to reap the benefits of you Sublime treatment for months after each session. As the weeks pass, skin becomes more smooth and rejuvenated, with less visible texture.

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