Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections targets one of the underlying causes of frown lines and crow’s feet—the repeated muscle contractions from frowning and squinting over the years. Our specialist will inject these muscles with anti-wrinkle injections to temporarily reduce muscle activity. You will begin to notice a visible smoothing of your crow’s feet lines and frown lines between your brows.
Wrinkles result from a combination of many factors. It’s not just about cellular changes that can occur over time, reduction of collagen, or damage caused by free radicals in the sun and the environment. When you frown or concentrate, the muscles between your brows contract, causing your skin to furrow and fold. And when you squint, the muscles around your eyes contract and cause crow’s feet.

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What is the right amount?

While the right amount of Anti-wrinkle Injection can only be determined in a professional consultation the face map shows the average amount of units required. Other areas we treat with Anti-wrinkle Injection include vertical lip lines 2-7 units, masseter reduction 25-30 units per side and gummy smile 2 units.

We offer two different forms of injectable anti-wrinkle treatments and we can help you to decide which one is right for you. During your consultation, your Doctor will assess your skin and listen to your concerns before recommending the best injectables for you.

  • All injectables are administered by medical experts
  • The most natural looking results
  • Safe environment with strict medical protocols